International Sharehouse

International Sharehouse

An international sharehosue where locals and guests from all over the world live in harmony!
The living space has a warm and cozy wooden design that we hope will make you feel at home.
This house boasts a fully equipped kitchen with food preparation tables large enough for everyone to make dinner together.
Hidden inside of our large dining tables are equally large Japanese-style griddles -- the same kind used in an OKONOMIYAKI restaurant!You can spend time talking with your friends on a comfortable sofa while eating the food you've made together.
There is also an adjoining workspace with a dirt floor to make it easy for our tenants to wash and maintain their bicycles.
Our house is built right next the Yamatogawa River, providing very easy access to the fantastic cycling route along its banks and making this an exceptionally great location for those who love cycling. Feel free to invite your friends over to take advantage of the wonderful trails!
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15minutes from Tennoji station.
30minutes from Shinsaibashi which is exacty center of Osaka.

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