Takadanobaba 4chome Sayonara Sale

Takadanobaba 4chome Sayonara Sale

I'm currently selling most of my house items as I'm leaving the apartment (and the Country) by end of August.
Prices may be negotiable. Please feel free to ask any questions you like or request more pictures.
In terms of picking up I live Takadanobaba. Closest stations are:
Takadanobaba station
Okubo Station
(Practically in between both).

I need to have the apartment cleared by Aug 31st, so ideally most of these items should go within that last week (some

I could let go earlier if need be).

Furniture (all original from IKEA purchased approximately 1 year ago, virtually no damage):
Nightstand (2 Units): 3000 Yen each
Bedframe with Storage Drawers (some Drawers may be a bit difficult to open/close): 20000 Yen
Length: 206 cm
Width: 146 cm
Height: 47 cm
Matress: 7000 Yen. (Double size - a few stains but in great condition in terms of comfort)
Appearing on the original picture but already sold:
-sold - Wooden Table: 6500 Yen - Chairs (4 Units): 1700 Yen each - TV Bench: 4000 yen -Corner Sofa-bed: 35000 Yen - sold -

Electronics (also purchased approximately 1 year ago):
Microwave 23L size, 700W (Electrolux): 5800 Yen
Refrigerator Aqua AQR-36D2: 39000 Yen
- TV in the picture also sold -

Please inquire as needed.

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