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School Uniform Shirts

School Uniform Shirts

Four white generic shirts for about height 165cm (5'0" - 5'5")
17inches 42cm across shoulders
3 short sleeved
1 long sleeved
These were acceptable at New International School in Ikebukuro and probably at other schools as well. Two I bought at the School Uniform Center by Ishihara in Shinjuku with button down collars), and two I had made by a tailor with better, sturdier material.
1500yen for all four. They do not look new, but frankly, the children trash their new shirts pretty much on the very first day of use.
I also have a black tie, free. (A real tie, not a clip on). 200yen
There are also some beige or khaki collared trousers as well.

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Tags: Clothing , Tokyo

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