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DIY Clothes Storage selling at 1500yen

DIY Clothes Storage selling at 1500yen

〔Width 54× Depth 40×Height 83.5cm〕 DIY 4 drawers Clothes Storage
Original Price: 2990yen
Selling at 1500yen

Details: https://www.nitori-net.jp/store/ProductDisplay?ptr=item&urlRequestType=Base&catalogId=10001&categoryId=11306&productId=328906&errorViewName=ProductDisplayErrorView&urlLangId=&langId=-10&top_category=11010&parent_category_rn=11010&storeId=10001

Purchased at NITORI in 2016, and used less than two years, mainly for storing clothes. Still clean and stable. Its possible to dismantle and construct by yourself.

Available for pick-up at Sugamo Station/ Komagome Station from Mar 17th to Mar 21st. Or you can arrange your own delivery method. For those who are interested, please inform me via mail by Mar 16th.

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