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Sayonara Sale (Mattress, Washing Machine, Fridge and more!!

Sayonara Sale (Mattress, Washing Machine, Fridge and more!!

I'm selling everything in my house for ¥60,000!!

You'll get

- Ikea Mattress, Pad, Futon, 2 Blankets & 3 Pillows (Original Price ¥50,000~)
- Cuma Amadana 5.5kg Washing Machine (Original Price ¥36,000~)
- Daewoo Refrigerator 150L (Original Price ¥46000~)
- Twinbird Microwave (Original Price ¥10000~)
- Ikea Algot Storage System & Rack (Original Price ¥5499 & ¥1499)
- Ikea Floor Mirror (Original Price ¥6999)
- Ikea Shelf (Original Price ¥2000~)
- Gemini GX-1 Speakers (Original Price ¥5000~)
- 2 NEW Trash cans (Original Price ¥3800~)
- Foldable Low Table
- Wooden Shelf
(Stuff that is not in the photos)
- Heater
- Wi-fi Router
- Kettle
- Laundry Rack
- Small Vacuum Machine
- Clothes Iron
- Hair Dryer
- 40-50 Clothes Hangers
- Camera Tripod
- Hair straightener
- Storage Baskets
- Kitchen Utensils (2 fry pans, Pot, Dish Rack, Cake Mold, Colander, Tongs&Spatulas, Knife, 2 Chopping Boards and more)
- Dining Utensils (Dishes, Bowls, Cups, Glasses, Sets of Silverware&chopsticks)
- And if you want, I will give away some of my winter clothes as well!

Everything is in a very good condition since I'm barely home and I barely use them (except for the bed)! If you have any concerns, you're more than welcome to come and check them out at my place first!

My place is 7 mins from Shimokitazawa Station and 3 mins from Setagaya Daita Station.

Pick up from July 12th - 15th
I can help finding and arranging a cheap truck and a driver for you if needed!! (You will have to pay for the service fee by yourself)

If you want to buy any of these items separately please check the price in the photos.
**Priority to the one who buys everything**

**Only for someone who are willing to pay 50% deposit by July 8th in order to avoid last-minute cancellation (can be negotiated)**
**Price can be negotiated**

Please contact msyvesss@gmail.com for more photos!

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