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Quality Single Bed From Nitori 4000 yen - MUST GO

Quality Single Bed From Nitori 4000 yen - MUST GO

Cant upload photos due to file size limit, but the following is a link to the bed on Nitori's website

English: LEAVING IN A WEEK – MUST GO! Up for sale is our 5 month old bed from Nitori in excellent condition. It’s practically as new and has no issues whatsoever, but since we’re leaving Japan it has to go. We leave on the 14th of August, so pick up is available until roughly the 12th of August. We bought the bed for 20000 yen and are looking to get less than half of that, price is very much negotiable. The sale includes the bed frame, mattress, protective cover and a sheet. The whole set up is very easy to dismantle and transport. The bed is very comfortable and we can also include a quilt among other things if desired.

Japanese: 売りに出しているのは状態のいいニトリのベットです。5ヶ月間使用しました。新品同様で全く問題ありませんが、私たちは日本を離れるので売りに出そうと考えています。8/14に日本を出国するため、8/12頃まででしたら受け取り可能です。定価は24,000円でしたが、半額以下でお売りします。ベットの枠組とマットレスとカバーとシーツも付いています。全て解体しやすく持ち運びにも適しています。すごく心地よいベットです。掛け布団などもご希望であればお付けします。

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