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Various furniture/appliances

Various furniture/appliances

Moving out, need to get rid of furniture ASAP.
Pick-up or delivery must be arranged by you, although I may be willing to take smaller items to be picked up at a station depending on where is convenient.

Prices are negotiable!

Shelf (x2 - have another in a lighter shade) - 1,000yen
Light fixture (has dim setting) - 2,500yen
Bed frame (just two months old, fits twin-sized mattress, has built in desk and four electrical outlets, as well as a top shelf that can be removed) - 40,000yen
Mattress (twin) - 7,000yen
Sheets/pillow case/pillow(s) also available if interested.
Refrigerator - 8,000yen
Washing machine 4.5kg - 10,000yen
IH stovetop - 3,500yen
Microwave - 3,000yen
Clothing bar (can include hangers if you want them, there are I believe 36 of them) - 1,000yen without hangers, 1,200 with hangers
60w light - 800yen - (have another one out of package that has been used, I think their lm is slightly different, 500 yen for that one)

Images can be seen here: https://tokyo.craigslist.jp/app/6664250232.html?lang=en&cc=us

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