Tokyo Photography School

Tokyo Photography School

Presentation Video : By Emil Truszkowski

This activity has been created for the people who wants to improve their skills inphotography. We will do portraits photoshoots and street photos. You can bring any kind of camera !

Prices :
Street photos on Monday : 1000Y
Photoshoot with model on Wed, Fri and Sat : 3000Y
You can also apply on:

We first meet in a beautiful place of Tokyo by day or night : modern districts as Ginza, Shinjuku, Shimo-Kitazawa or traditional districts like Tsukishima, Nippori and more!

I plan a lot of events every week with a different place and theme. Each lesson is during 2 hours, during the meeting you will meet foreign and Japanese people and take incredible pictures.
Once we met, we start with some theory about photography and famous photographers to get inspired, then we start walking in the streets of Tokyo to take photos.

If you are a beginner I will show you the basics of photography, how to setting up your camera, take great portraits and how to bring the best of your environment. For most advanced photographer, we will go in details about photography, learn how to manage a model and improve your style with new techniques and frames.

I hope to meet you soon !

Points you may learn during the lessons :
- how to manage your model
- using strobes and flash (in studio)
- using ambient light (outside)
- learn the settings of your camera
- make beautiful framing
- bring the best of your environment

About me :

I am a fashion photographer from Paris and I want to teach you how to bring the best of your photographer senses, with the light, the model's management and your equipment.

You can see my work and my blog to learn photography at the following link :

Please leave a comment to participate and know about the details :)

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