Saynoara Sale Suminoe OSAKA

Saynoara Sale Suminoe OSAKA

Selling all my furniture in Suminoe Osaka, Needs to be out by may 2nd, 2019

Items are less then 1 year old except washing machine and fridge.

Items included are as follows

1x Panasonic NT-T300 Toaster oven 2000 Yen
1x Haier Rice cooker 1000 Yen
1x Iris Ohyama Microwave 200w-700w 3000 Yen
1x Haier Apartment Fridge 5000 Yen
1x Haier 5.5kg Washing machine 5000 Yen
1x Sharp LG 32BDI Television 5000 Yen
1x Ikea Coffee table - White 3000 Yen
1x Ikea television stand - White 2000 Yen
1x Ikea Dinner table (sits 4) - Black 3000 Yen
2x Ikea padded chairs - Black 2000 Yen Each
2x Folding Chairs - Black 1500 Yen Each
1x Double mattress Medium softness 20000 Yen
1x Double mattress stand - Brown - Includes headboard 10000 Yen
1x Double Couch - Gray - No cuts 15000 Yen

If interested in any of the items feel free to contact myself for pictures.
Email .
or phone 070-4442-5675

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