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Learn Japanese with an online game!

Learn Japanese with an online game!

Forget about studying. Let's just hang out!

I offer an online Japanese lesson with an online game!
Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 or PC game.
Currently I have Smash Bros and Splatoon 2 on Switch.
Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Tekken 7 on PS4.
Overcooked 2, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on PC.
Or ask me if there's a specific game you want to play!

Price: Free for a first time!
1000 yen from second time for 45 min.
Only conversational Japanese, not Kanji, writing or any.

You might think this way is not going to improve your Japanese. But don't worry. It's the best way to learn a language and fun.
I'll teach you how to learn.

Feel free to send me a message and I’ll let you know the detail.

And I also am looking for a engineer for my start up company.
Already built the website with Ruby on Rails by myself but I need a professional developer.
No Japanese required. (And I can teach you)
Please mail me if you're interested in.


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