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Private Teaching English Online

Private Teaching English Online

Hello Everyone! I am Monahliza Cerojales 26 years old. I have completed my Bachelors degree with the major in English Language at Cebu Sacred College. I'm hard working, self-motivated. I'm really patient and passionate about teaching. I always try to improve myself and the best one is I never give up. I am enthusiastic as an English teacher because I know the difficulties of learning a foreign language and I have overcome them, and now I am eager to help others.

I teach all ages from children to adults.I have taught English to my little brothers and sister . I find it very easy to talk to them. I enjoy teaching and getting along with my siblings. Other than that, I am currently teaching English online for almost a year now.

What we offer:
• One on one Online English lessons at the cheapest price.
• 25 minutes free trial lessons

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Contact us via Skype (live:.cid.ab998914da6e7111 ) or email ( monahlizac@gmail.com )

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