【Tokyo,Yokohama】Starter /N5 /N4, Your Japanese Tutor

【Tokyo,Yokohama】Starter /N5 /N4, Your Japanese Tutor

- Having a difficult time getting your head around the grammar ?

- Especially, particle, making longer sentences, verb conjugations ?

- Low confidence in keeping the conversation going in Japanese ?

- Probably because of the gap between the textbook Japanese and real-life Japanese ?

Hello, my name is Yutaro with 9 years of teaching experience, of which 5 years in Australia, where I completed my master degree in science. I identify myself with a language study-strategy professional, as I taught myself two languages (English/Chinese) with scientific study techniques, and I am learning Russian and Spanish on my own, which proves that you don’t have to be a linguist to master Japanese, and as long as you have a right methodology, you can learn it easily.

With me, Japanese is no longer a mental gymnastic.

I can help you with grammar, speaking, study tactics, JLPT etc all catering to your learning preference, and what you like to work on. You can use your learning materials during the lesson. Textbooks, comics, videos, novels etc. As supporting documents, we can use the my slides, charts and worksheets that I made during the development of my own curriculum.

- 5,000 JPN / hour
- Your first lesson comes with a FREE hour.
- More discounts available. Revealed upon your inquiry.

Ne plus ultra lessons by a polyglot who has swallowed two dictionaries.

Tokyo (preferably Shibuya, Shinagawa, Shimbashi), Yokohama, Kamakura area.

Traveling fee is included in my standard fee.

【Contact detail】
yutarotutoring@gmail.com (Yutaro)

Any inquiry is welcomed, kindly contact me and I am happy to answer your inquiry.

“Learn it today, and use it tomorrow”


As a private tutor, there is a limit to the number of the students I can have at any one time. So avoid disappointment, please reserve your place soon. “Make the move today.”

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