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Sport electric motobike with 1year insurance ,helmet

Sport electric motobike with 1year insurance ,helmet

its Proza Millet

here more
it was from Japanese Nojima denki shop famous Electronic shop new was 180 000yen
sell only 40000
Its 2012year
Battery i changed new in 2018.the bikes has 1year insurance and if you want to extend its 7000yen and you can buy insurance in 5min at convince store at counter.
All you need is license like for 50cc bike.
the tires and brakes are very good condition
the bike is with plates so you can ride home after buy and in 10days just take off plates and go to city office they take my plates and give you new plates and paper and you can ride again ,in japan you can ride on my insurance until expires
new battery you can buy for 5000yen in amzon .the bike is very easy to control,it has front and back suspensions,max speed on bike display is 60km ,you can also use pedals so its fun to ride like bicycle .
the bike dont make noise just like electric cars .
I speak Japanese so please ask for more information
thank you

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