Rooms available in Nakano-ku (from 45000¥)

Rooms available in Nakano-ku (from 45000¥)

A few rooms are available in our elegant apartment in Nakano-ku, central Tokyo.

This very spacious, recently renovated apartment is conveniently located about 80 meters away (less than one minute walk) from Saginomiya station (Seibu-Shinjuku line).
Every room is furnished, equipped with an air conditioner and has a key to lock the door.
Shared spaces include two toilets, one bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a very spacious living room (check pictures above).

The apartment is conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood. Convenience stores, supermarkets and several shops are just around the corner. Saginomiya station is only 8 minutes from Takadanobaba and 11 minutes from Shinjuku by train (Seibu-Shinjuku Station).

Key money and guarantor are not needed.

Rooms details
Room 1: about 10 sqm, equipped with bed and a desk, 45000¥ + 5000¥ (utilities) per month;
Room 2: about 10 sqm, equipped with bed and a sofa, 45000¥ + 5000¥ (utilities) per month;
Room 3: washitsu (和室, Japanese style tatami room), equipped with both futon and bed, about 20 sqm, 65000¥ + 5000¥ (utilities) per month;

The rooms are available even for shorter stays.
Feel free to contact us for further details.

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