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Communication University Professor offers private tutoring

Communication University Professor offers private tutoring

Communication studies European University Professor offers private tutoring

Effective communication skills are essential in the digital age.
My mission is to help business and liberal professionals to achieve their goals by improving their communication profile. These lessons provide professionals with the necessary tools to understand and communicate effectively with their public and professional environment.
My private tutoring is also open to all kind of students, professional sportsmen and sportswomen, government officials, doctors, lawyers, actors, housewives and people looking for a job who want to learn about how communications works, the elements of communication, body language and effective communication.
This private tutoring will cover the principles of general communication techniques, interpersonal skills; non-verbal communication; listening skills; techniques for building rapport; methods for dealing with difficult interactions; and effective speech techniques.
I'm committed to helping individuals create positive change in the quality of their lives by improving their communication skills.
If you have interest into improving your communication skills, please send me a message.
Please, feel free to contact me to discuss your professional or personal goals and needs.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Private tutoring lessons will take place on-location in a convenient and well ventilated location (private corporate offices, public premises or private homes) or via Skype.
Classes are held in Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama and Tokyo prefectures, preferentially near Tokyo city.
Private tutoring lessons will be held in English, French or Spanish.
Rates: 15.000 yen/hour per person. More than 3 persons, please ask for a group quote.
Transportation costs not included.

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