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French / Japanese language exchange

French / Japanese language exchange

Hi, I'm Adrien, native French speaker and beginner Japanese learner.
I would like to have an exchange with a nice Japanese-speaking person where I could converse in French, give some vocabulary/grammatical explanations and advices, using collaborative document, while he/she has the patience of giving me the same about my Japanese.

About my Japanese abilities:
I've been learning Japanese a little bit, for almost year, when I had the time, outside of my work. I can now have very basic conversations in Japanese, probably around N5 level.

About my French teaching abilities:
I've been briefly teaching French in the US 15 years ago, though I'm not a professional teacher. All French language levels are ok.

If this works, I was thinking about having a 1 or 2 hour conversational exchange per week, with half French conversation and lessons, and half Japanese conversation.

Let me know if you're interested.

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