Winter Sayonara Sale in Saitama

Winter Sayonara Sale in Saitama

I will be leaving Japan around the new year.

I will start packing on Christmas. As such by 12/25 I hope to get some money back, and at least get bulky things away by pick-up.

I will be selling my huwei nova lite 3 before I leave for around 10,000 yen.

I will be selling my nitori dark brown low table for 5,000 yen.

I will be selling my mini rice cooker as of right now still unopened for 3,000. I will be selling my hot pot/slow cooker about 1.5 quarts for 3,000.

I will be offering my futon for free towards new year's. I will be selling my lolita clothes if I can for 10,000 as a bundle.

I will be selling kitchen tools for 500-1,000 each. Any dry goods food/canned will be free around new year's for pickup.

Curtains towards new year's will be sold for 50% off. Ie I paid say 2000 for curtains for my room and living room x3 I'll part with it for 3,000 all together or 1,000 a piece plus hooks a few days before I go.

I will be giving away my laundry hanger around new year's. I have a ton of free cardboard and cardboard Amazon boxes right now if you need it. For pickup in Saitama prefecture.

I didn't aquire a lot but, I don't want to waste anything either. Foldable nitori chair for a low table and matching cushion set can be bought together for 5,000.

I might sell my wifi router if I can figure that out contract wise. Any toiletries new, and things like toilet paper and laundry detergent will be given away for free towards new year's if you can pick it up.

If anyone creates things out of quart cartons I have a ton for free. I'll also be giving out tupperware, and bento accessories.

Please inquire.

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