Artist’s or Architect’s Japanese Wooden Flat File

Artist’s or Architect’s Japanese Wooden Flat File

Japanese wooden flat file, 10 drawers, well made, clean and in perfect shape. I kept my artwork on paper in this flat file for about 8 years. I love this but cannot take it with me. I’d like it to find a good home! The picture shows 2 plastic boxes in front of it, which are not included. Each drawer has a plastic insert. You can slip a label into each plastic piece. This is great for an artist or architect. You can see the size because I am standing next to it. If you need exact size I can let you know. If you want this piece, I will give you the contact of the woman in charge of the storage place it is being held. You can send a Takyubin to pick it up or you can pick it up yourself.Please contact me with any questions. Must sell soon. Asking yen 40,000 or best offer. Payable thru Paypal With your cc.. If you don’t have a PayPal account I can send you an invoice.

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