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¥45,000 / 3br - Nice female room 3min from Wakoshi, Saitama

¥45,000 / 3br - Nice female room 3min from Wakoshi, Saitama

I have 1 private room for share in a 3 room mansion.
I am looking for female roommate who is friendly and tidy, especially those who would like to experience multi-culture and exchange languages.

Please check below for more details.

- 3 minute walk from Wakoshi Station, Saitama where you can use 3 train lines (Tobu Tojo, Fukutoshin and Yurakucho)
- Easy access to Tokyo (13 minutes to Ikebukuro, 30 minutes to Shinjuku and Shibuya)
- There are many stores and shops close-by just within 2-5 minute walk (supermarkets, drug stores, convenient stores, restaurants, banks, post....)
- Nice and quiet area to live, study and work.

- 7.3m2 private room with big closet.
- Your room has window, door lock, air conditioner, curtains and storage.
- It is a clean and nice house, good ventilation and sunny.
- Kitchen, fridge, toilet, bath, washing machine, microwave are shared.
- There are piano and ukulele for all music lovers. ^^

- Renting fee is 45,000yen/month (including wi-fi, utilities and common miscellaneous)
- One month of deposit money is required in case of any maintenance and cleaning needed after the rent.
- Prefer long-term stay (at least 6 months)

Friendly and tidy roommates/friends who want to exchange languages are welcome!
You may see the room in advance.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions. (I speak English and Japanese.)

Thank you and best regards!

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