Home appliances for sale

Home appliances for sale

Hello everyone,

I am leaving Japan and selling my home appliances (Yamazen appliances), which include:
1. TV Qriom with HDMI and other cables (50W): 10,000 Yen
2. TV Table: 1 500 Yen
3 Yamazen Rice Cooker (300W): 3,000 Yen
4. Yamazen Oven (50Hz): 3,000 Yen
5. Yamazen Fridge (110W): 15,000 Yen
6. Yamazen foldable desk and chair: 3 500 Yen

My nearest station is Suzukakedai station, and please arrange your own transport.
I will leave Japan on March 30, so please contact me before that date.

Please contact me via email: abdekmoud0@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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