Moving out saie!!!

Moving out saie!!!

Moving back to the US! These are items are pick up only!

Willing to Negotiate for multiple purchases

Also sorry for poor quality image, file size limit was too small.

Nitori Bed Frame + Mattress: ¥35,000
-Double Size
-Bed Frame has adjustable height
-Mattress has small stain from spill but not very noticeable

Nitori Dresser: ¥18,000
-Like New! No noticeable scratches

Ikea Sofa: ¥5,000
-Few small stains. Very minor.

Fridge: ¥3,000
-Has stickers from previous owner
-Works well no issues

Night Stand: ¥1,500
-Has some stains and a decent amount of wear and tear
-Moves around easily with its wheels
-Adjustable height for top section

Shelf- ¥500
-Willing to giveaway with purchase of multiple items

Trash Cans- ¥500
-One Small and One Large
-Both have locking lids and different colored lids
-Willing to giveaway with purchase of multiple items

Again Pick up Only. Willing to Negotiate


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