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[SUPER CHEAP] Various Office Furniture

[SUPER CHEAP] Various Office Furniture

This is one of several related posts. We're a small startup that's recently taken over a coworking space in Moto-Azabu (near Roppongi) in Tokyo, and we have a bunch of office furniture we're selling for super cheap. Please note that we cannot sell individual pieces of the items; buyers must commit to buying all items in a set. Everything is pick-up only before Monday, September 9th. The items are available as follows:

1. 11 large desks- 5,000 yen for all
2. Small brown lockable cabinet- 100 yen
3. Red, yellow, and white metal chairs- 550 yen for all 5
4. Wooden chairs- 500 yen for all 5
5. 22 white plastic chairs- 2,000 yen for all

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