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UPDATED/REDUCED: Humidifier, Curtains, Metal Shelving, etc.

UPDATED/REDUCED: Humidifier, Curtains, Metal Shelving, etc.

WILL DISCOUNT FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS!!! More photos available, please ask.

BONECO HUMIDIFIER (Model 1359H) - Great for this dry winter!! Excellent condition. Includes box. Filters cheap and available on amazon. ¥5,000 or BEST OFFER!!!

TWO CURTAINS – Block natural light with these room-darkening curtains. Reduces noise, energy costs & furniture fading. Light colour (177cm X 143cm). Clean, non-smoker. ¥5,000 or BEST OFFER!!!

Metal Multi-Purpose Rack (Length 60cm / Width 35cm / Height 52cm), strong and sturdy! ¥3,500 or BEST OFFER!!!

MAGAZINE RACK – Metal frame and strong, beige cloth material. Three side pockets. ¥1,000

WOODEN NOTICEBOARD (58.5cm X 43.5cm) ¥500

PHOTO FRAMES – Solid, great decoration for your home. ¥1,500 each OR ¥2,000 for the two!!!
1. Frame is engraved with flower design and red VW Beetle. Material: Ceramic and glass (heavy). Colour: Brown/grey mix frame and red Beetle. Photo size: 12.5cm x 8.5cm
2. Flip flop design (beach sandal). Material: Wood, rope and glass, with star fish. Colour: Light blue and white. Photo size: 12cm x 8cm

FIVE Warm ANDES hats - Warm ANDES hats for sale. Made in and from Peru from Lama & Alpaca wool. Free size. Comfortable and warm -- Ideal on those chilly nights in spring under the cherry blossoms! Great to buy all together for group/team members! ¥1,000 each (Were ¥3,000 each)! Or ¥4,800 for the 5!! Or BEST OFFER!!!

TIBETAN PRAYER FLAGS – 10 flags per string / 50 flags per packet. Each flag 14cm X 11cm, each string 145cm long. Blue, yellow, white green and red. ¥1,000 / packet (I have 20 packets, so bulk orders are welcome)

Many books, sold as a bundle. Please ask.

ALL prices negotiable!!! All offers considered. Please ask if you want more details about any items.

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