52" SHARP 4K TV w/Eng&Jp menu

52" SHARP 4K TV w/Eng&Jp menu

This TV is less than a year old - in mint condition => Selling due to moving (see other listings also).

This 52inch TV is spectacular for any mid to large living room.
It has deep, rich colours and blacks in THX 4K resolution. It provides a number of different modes for both screen and audio which make a big difference when watching a movie vs sports, for example.

It has an app based operating system accessible with the remote, enabling you to install various apps.
There is also a forward facing sound bar attached for crisp audio and deep base - much better than most models with speakers at the back or side of the TV.

Rated 4.92 out of 5 on Japanese Electronics review site.
Bought for 180,000yen last Dec. Selling for 100,000 Yen

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