Moving Out Sale

Moving Out Sale

Hi everyone! Items are all best offer, and available for pickup before July 11th! I live in Koenji, so for the smaller items I can meet you at the station (chuo line). Everything is in great condition. Send me a message for any additional pictures or info!

Nitori Standing Mirror, tan colour, ¥900:…/InteriorLifeGo…/Mirror/8100696s…

Nitori Headless Semi Double bed frame, white colour, with a Semi Double mattress AND duvet / pillows / sheets INCLUDED, ¥14,000:…

IKEA Ivar Pinewood Shelf, ¥3000:

IKEA Linnmon white desk and wheely chair, ¥5000 for both:

IKEA Hammarun Sofa Bed, ¥4000:

Clothing rack, with 20+ hangers, ¥800

Red bike with a basket, ¥3000

Thin rolling shelf, ¥1000

KITCHEN STUFF: kettle, mini rice cooker, pan, pot, salad spinner, plates/bowl/mug, all cutlery x2, message your best price :)

Morris Guitar with soft case, ¥2000

Washing machine (Ion Coat) with a cover, ¥8000

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