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Japanese chess (shogi) private lesson

Japanese chess (shogi) private lesson

Hello, I am Fumi, a Japanese chess (shogi) teacher, based in Tokyo, Japan.
I have a qualified amateur 3-dan which allows me to teach Japanese chess officially.
I speak Japanese (native), English (Fluently) and Spanish (Beginner), so ask me anything in these three languages.

My teaching method is very unique, focusing on beginner players.
After my lessons, you will be able to understand
-the name of each piece
-how to move each piece
-how to check mate opponent king
-Basic two strategies (Bougin and Shiken-bisya)

Intermediate players are also welcome!
You will be learning deeper strategy of shogi by playing with me seriously.

I am sure you can defeat your rival using new knowledge you will acquire with my lesson.

Since I am a native Japanese speaker, I can teach you Japanese as well :)

Lesson fee:
2500 yen/1 hour



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