Sony RX10 Mark 2 (USA Model)

Sony RX10 Mark 2 (USA Model)

Despite being a few years old, this is still probably one of the best all around cameras for people looking for a travel friendly camera that can produce both quality stills and video. It has a 20MP 1 inch sensor and it's built in lens covers an equivalent range of 24-200mm with a constant 2.8 aperture. The range and aperture makes it well suited for many types of photography but it's especially great for video, the fact it shoots good quality 4k as well as 1080p slow motion doesn't hurt either!

Honestly, it's a fantastic camera and is still in very good condition but it just never really found it's place within my personal style and work flow. But, if you want something extremely flexible with great build quality, excellent video, and you don't want to bother with changing lenses, then this camera is just about perfect! Also, this is the US model so it includes English menus, unlike the Japanese models!

To sweeten the deal I'm throwing in two extra batteries.

I'm hoping to get around 60,000 yen for this one and I'm probably not going to budge too much (look at what these go for around here!). However, I'm selling some other photo stuff so I might be willing to move on the price if you want to bundle some stuff together.

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