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Sayonara Sale LOTS of Free stuff near Ikebukuro/Nerima

Sayonara Sale LOTS of Free stuff near Ikebukuro/Nerima

Leaving Japan on November 27th, giving away a lot of stuff.
Some of the items are conditioned to time of picking up other requirements too:

Link to File:
(file updated as people take things out)

Link to pictures:

FOR FREE Item Size State
Refrigerator 90/50/45 Fair
Gas Conro 58/42/18 Old but fires work (grill doesn't)
Small Plastic Drawer 33/40/20 Fair
Plastic Drawer 1 53/40/60
Vacuum cleaner 110cm Quite fine but a tab is broken and I wrapped with tape for closing it (just need open from time to time only)
Japanese Tatami Armchair Quite fine but the arms have been fixed as the leather was scratched
White shelve 42/29/89 Fair
Dark Brown shelve 42/29/88 Fair
Desk Table 90/59/73 Fair
Small low table 60/78/29 Fair

Small PC Speakers New
Folding Chair Fair
Studio Chair Fair
Small Trolley 79/39/44 New
Drawers for the Shelves

(Please email at cjguerrero5@gmail.com)

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