IELTS/EIKEN Exam Preparation with Teacher Nicholas

IELTS/EIKEN Exam Preparation with Teacher Nicholas

Hello, I am Teacher Nicholas. I have been an online English Teacher for over three years now. I am an American Citizen living abroad. I specialize in IELTS and EIKEN exam prep, however, I am also able to offer Business English and conversational courses as well. I have completed over 25 teaching short courses and have my TESOL Certificate from International Open Academy. In the last year alone I have taught almost 6000 hours.

I have gathered a comprehensive set of teaching materials. I use an all around approach to teaching exams. I am very familiar with the scoring criteria as well as tips and tricks that can be used to boost scores.

I offer classes in 30 minute and 1 hour formats. I have always enjoyed working with Japanese students on the platform where I work full-time. I am hoping to gain some private students and increase my exposure to Japanese Culture. If all goes well, I plan to someday live in Japan.

Please contact me via WhatsApp at +639156825644.
I can also be reached via email at
Classes will be conducted via Skype.
Payment options and class prices can be discussed privately.





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