Chat in Japanese 45 min ¥800

Chat in Japanese 45 min ¥800

Hello I'm a certified Japanese language teacher with more than 5 years of teaching experience. I'm going to offer group lessons on Sunday mornings and 1st and 3rd Thursday evening. Please feel free to contact me if you interested.:)

CHAT IN JAPANESE 〈pre-intermediate〉
※This event is going to be held with 3 or more participants. ※※Only people who turn on your webcam during the event can join.

Practice your Japanese conversation skills in a relaxed environment!
This class aims to enjoy using Japanese and learn natural expressions through natural conversation. Therefore, I’ll not give you a solid grammar lesson in the session. I will correct your Japanese if necessary and suggest new, more native expressions.

Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases. Can introduce themselves and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where someone lives, people they know and things they have.

●introduce yourselves briefly 10 minutes
'Good & New' talk about "good things" or "new things"

●topic talk  10 minutes × 2
I'll prepare two topics every time. You will talk about the topic within your allotted time.

●free conversation
Let's have a fun and relaxed free talking in the remaining time.

♦︎♦︎How to apply♦︎♦︎
1. Choose your convenient date and time from booking calendar.
2. You will be sent a PayPal invoice when it is decided to hold an event. This event is going to be held with 3 or more participants.
3. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a zoom invitation link.
4. Let's have a relaxed conversation with a cup of tea/coffee!

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