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Conversational English & Accent Reduction: Online 1-1 Lessons

Conversational English & Accent Reduction: Online 1-1 Lessons

Want to sound more natural when speaking English? Let’s make it happen!

I'm Aaron, an English/IELTS tutor and accent reduction trainer with over 13 years of experience teaching adults from around the world.
I'm CELTA-certified, so I know how to help you improve quickly and effectively. Plus, I'm a native English speaker from New Zealand, now proudly Canadian, so I can guide you through the nuances of pronunciation and accent.

Here's what you can expect from my lessons...

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation: We'll focus on tricky sounds like /th/, /r/, /l/, and final consonants. I’ll also help you master word stress, sentence intonation, and rhythm to make your speech flow smoothly.

Fluency and Conversation: Practice speaking in real-life scenarios with continuous feedback and correction. I create a relaxed environment where you can build confidence and improve your fluency without pressure.

Grammar and Vocabulary: Whether you're brushing up on the basics or diving into advanced structures, I'll guide you through practical grammar and introduce new vocabulary that you can use every day. We'll also explore slang, idioms, and colloquial expressions to help you sound more like a native speaker.

Interactive Learning: I customize lessons to fit your goals and learning style. I use a variety of engaging activities, from pronunciation drills to conversational role-plays, to keep things interesting.

Additional features:
- Guided repetition of difficult words and phrases
- Grammar instruction with real-world application
- Vocabulary building, including slang and idioms
- Homework tasks designed to get results

My lessons are online and flexible to fit your schedule. You can choose individual sessions or get a discount with 5 or 10-lesson packs. To make sure we are a good fit, I offer a free consultation and language assessment via Skype.

Ready to improve your English with a fun and professional tutor?
Contact me today to book a lesson or ask for more details!

I look forward to helping you achieve your language goals!

Teacher Aaron

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