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0Yen Move in! for foreigners who can speak Japanese! Tokyo Share House

0Yen Move in! for foreigners who can speak Japanese! Tokyo Share House

( Tokyo / Itabashi-ku / Wakagi 2)
Private Room in 7 Room's House

Tobu-Tojo Line/Kami-itabashi Stn. 13m/walk
Tobu-Tojo Line/Tobu-nerima Stn. 12m/walk

13 min from IKEBUKURO station by train
31 min from SHINJUKU station by train
38 min from SHIBUYA station by train
No coin shower, No coin washing machine, No coin dryer
 No key money, No guarantor, No agent fees, No internet fees, refundable deposit 30000 Yen
 Free rental items in private room:
 bed, chest of drawers, refrigerator, TV,air-conditioning, chair, desk, etc.
 Free equipment in guesthouse:
 washing machine, dryer, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, cleaner, iron, shower, free internet,
 free common electricity bills, free gas bills, free water bill, etc
Fully furnished guest house with private room's in Tokyo
All single room(48800~59000Yen/M)




Share House with Garden)
For example, you can use for:
☆play music
☆ B.B.Q.
☆ Reading books
☆ Golf practice
☆ Sunbathing
☆ Gardening (you can make vegetables and flowersin the garden)
☆ Bring friends (friends other than the contractor can use it together)♪
Tokyo Itabashi-ku Wakagi2

All single room / 全て個室
Share House with Free Golf Range (Chipping & Pitching & Green)
Fully furnished share house with private rooms in Tokyo



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