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Learn English For FREE! Yes, FREE English Trial Lesson.

Learn English For FREE! Yes, FREE English Trial Lesson.

FREE Trial English Lesson! 

Do you want to learn English from the convenience of your home or office?

Then join me, 'Teacher Blair' in my online classroom via Verbling! Verbling provides a safe and easy to use platform that accepts credit cards to learn English.  

VIDEO:  https://www.verbling.com/teachers/51040931940487319273  

I have over 3-years of online teaching experience. And I’ve taught a wide range of students from 3-years-old to retirement age. From 1-on-1 classes to groups with up to 100 students!


Because I specialize in building confidence!

From teaching YOU the basics like phonics, utilizing rhymes and of course Total Physical Response (TPR).

I will ensure your mouth and tongue are in the right position so that you can pronounce words correctly.

For more advanced students YOU will learn idioms, slangs, and other challenging aspects of the English language.

We can also talk about travel & culture, entertainment, health & fitness OR I could even teach you Business English.

And so much more!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing YOU in my classroom!


Teacher Blair 

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